TF2: Extra Thrown Off Set

11/06/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

Mr Brown, or Hedgehog as he posted on the Don Murphy message boards then decide to approach Michael Bay on set to "teach him about Transformers", and was reportedly thrown off set.

"Bay had a plate of pasta and was headed to his trailer with his script supervisor to discuss the afternoon's work. Hedgehog approached him saying "Michael" like they were Bros. Michael turned and shot him a look. Ian Bryce (producer) and his assistant blocked Hedge. Can we help you? they asked. No said Hedge, I need to learn Michael about Transformers while I am here.

Ian signalled for two set security guards who escorted him off, screaming "But I'm a Don Murphy STOOOOOGE". He was paid his two days wages, returned his wardrobe and left. Many threats were repeated, along with "I never liked Bay's dumbass shit anyways."


Source: Transformers Toys