Terminator More Realistic Than TF

08/03/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

McG was speaking to Empire when he dismissed Michael Bay’s robot movies, claiming that they rely on “breakdancing”, “backspins” and implausible action scenes.

“I think Transformers is a terrific picture, but that’s a picture whose genesis is in a toy. They’re sort of more colourful and optimistic and the pictures are sort of breakdancing and flips and backspins,” he said.

“But ours is a very different, real world. Ours is a world of, ‘This is where we can be ten years from now’. The whole idea for doing this movie was to honour the first three movies… But begin again!”


Michael Bay started the rivalry earlier this year when he accused McG of copying Transformers ‘giant robots’ as a result of the giant robot that appears in the Terminator Salvation preview.  Since then the rivalry has become one of the hottest topics amongst fans, with Transformers and Terminator fanboys going head to head all over the internet.  It’s really quite funny.

Terminator Salvation and Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen will both be released mid year, but Terminator Salvation will get the jump on its toy-based rival.  Salvation will be released on 21 May, whilst you’ll have to wait until 24 June to see Revenge of the Fallen.

Source: Scifi Scoop