Shia’s Condition Post Second Surgery

06/01/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

LaBeouf was originally postponing the follow-up procedure to finish filming on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, a sequel of the blockbuster. But hand injuries that the 22-year-old actor sustained during a July car accident apparently far more serious than LaBeouf has acknowledged.

A source close to the actor revealed that “For a while there, it didn’t look good. Shia’s tendons had fused together, and right after the accident there was talk of a partial amputation.”

Thankfully, things are looking up for LaBeouf, whose two fingers were broken in the crash. The second surgery focused on correcting damage around the area of the thumb that was not fixed during the rollover crash. According to the source, “He’s doing fine now.”


His condition also confirmed by his rep, saying, “Shia had one surgery postponed for ‘Transformers 2,’ but there’s no additional complications now. It’s taken a while, but the surgery has been completed and Shia should be healing fine.”

Phew! that’s definitely a good news! Get well soon for your hand Shia!

Source: Stars Journal