Shia Injured on Set

07/10/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

The actor was shooting scenes at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico when he was injured – and he was more than happy to let base medics attend to his wounds.

One troop on the set tells WENN, "He was treated at the clinic at the airforce base by Colonel Torres and then a local ophthalmologist came by to check on his eye. He was in the clinic for about four hours and then he returned to the set once the swelling had gone down.
"We were all pretty impressed. Shia's making a lot of friends on the set of this film – he's a real guy who smokes like a fiend. To get up from a movie explosion, which leaves you injured, and get back in there is cool.

"He's got broken fingers from his car crash this summer (08) and now his eyelid has been slashed open. I guess he's lucky he still has his sight. Meanwhile, soldiers and airforce officials who are helping director Michael Bay make the second Transformers film while on leave are learning it pays to get on camera.


The WENN source says, "There are about 200 real extras and some of them have landed scenes in the film. One supervisor has landed the part of a Jordanian officer who is involved in a crash in the film. It's great – and everyone is being paid $8-an-hour to be here. There's servicemen from Texas and New Mexico and even a few Green Berets here."

Source: Contact Music