ROTF Wreckage Revealed

06/02/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

Even more images have been posted, and in addition, an auction has been posted on Ebay. The deluxe class toy from the 07 Movie has resurfaced recently as a green / military repaint of the original.

It is believed this figure was colored to match the battle scene that may take play place near the Chinese factory in the Revenge of the Fallen movie.

These new images show us all the details of the action figure in the robot and vehicle mode. With our first looks at the robot, you can see there is more purple on the figure that better accents with with transparent blades.


Fans of this figure have been calling this a Generation 2 homage the green Megatron tank mold due to the green khaki colors and the head that does resemble to G2 Leader's styling.


Source: TFormers