ROTF Sideswipe Revealed in Kuala Lumpur

24/09/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

The summit revealed the true name the Chevy Corvette Centennial as Sideswipe, so the place-holder name of Stinger no long applies.
In addition, they confirmed that Ravage, described as having a "very raw beast mode", will be in the film. I assume this is the same creature design seen on the Princeton set a few months ago that was named Frenzy for lack of a better identifier.
Next, the summit verified that Megatron's alt mode is a tank which confirms that the leaked images are possible design attempts for that alt mode. No confirmation on whether the designs are exact matches for what will be used in the film.
TFW2005 is also reporting their inside source has said that the toy line for Devastator will merge to form a Supreme sized figure. For Hasbro, a Supreme class tends to be the toys in the $50 MSRP range.
There is also a toy report on an Italian website here. A Babel Fish translation was a bit jumbled. The best I can tell they are saying that there will be assortments comprising of Devastator and Jetfire. A new gimmick for the Deluxe line will include gears that appear to transform similar to the movie.
Bumblebee will have a gun with blades and something to do with a helmet. The site also verified the tank mode for Megatron. Hopefully our international readers can provide a better translation.
So to sum, two new Transformers characters to add to the list – Sideswipe and Ravage. Alt mode for Megatron is a tank. And the rumor of Devastator continues.