ROTF Just Want To Be Normal

25/02/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

Quote Shia LaBeouf who plays Sam: “Sam has just saved the world, he’s not interested in being a hero, he wants to have a normal life, he wants to go to college and experience the world, but he can’t do that because he’s in the middle of a war.”

Honestly, if that’s the theme of the main character then I feel I just got a glimpse into a movie I don’t really care for.   This idea of Sam wanting a normal life is as ridiculous and as frustratingly annoying as the characters in Heroes who all have mega-super-powers just wanting to have  a normal life.  

How many times have viewers had to endure this kind of nonsensical writing?  It’s as annoying as paying your money to see Spiderman and for half the movie watching Peter Parker whine about having super powers and wanting to be normal.


Viewers want the robots, want the super-powers, want the hero, want the…ah you get the point.  Whining about what the viewers want gives you, yes you guessed it, exactly what the viewers don’t want. 

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen just plummeted down on my list and now I’m convinced it’s going to be as awful as the first movie.  Baysplosions won’t overshadow a main character whining about not wanting to be a part of it.

Source: SciFi Scoop