ROTF Deadend Featured

30/01/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

For real, Hasbro you are kicking some serious ass here. These are some of the coolest scouts they've ever made. I am especially diggin' that Deadend with the Cybertronian race car and what I see as very well articulated robot mode with shoulder, elbow and hand joints. Very nice.

Dirtboss looks great too. The forklift is such a wimpy alt mode, but it looks so much like a forklift its hard not to like it. The robot is very cool too. Not as well articulated, but hey gotta make sacrifices sometimes right?

Roll bar is the most boring of them all. He's a box-former with nicer paint apps on the alternate mode, but the robot seems to be pretty meh, almost Happy Meal meh.


The Knockout figure, the green motorcycle, is flippin awesome too! This makes that Arcee motorcycle mold look like a joke. The bat head on the robot is so neat and filled with fun, I really hope this guy is in the movie!