ROTF Constructicon Toy Revealed

01/02/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

This time a red-and-white construction vehicle, likely one of the film's Constructicons. The images are not terribly clear, and the toy is not properly transformed, but this is still the first glimpse we get of one of the robots who will form the mighty Devastator in the movie.

Details surrounding this figure are few, but the photos do give us a look the mechanics of the toy allow for transformation, while also giving us a look at the robot head.

It is unclear if this toy is part of the rumoured deluxe Constructicons, who each have their individual robot modes but cannot form Devastator, or part of a rumoured second set, who sacrifice individual robot modes to be able to form the large Devastator toy.


Looking closely, it does seem that the transformation scheme of this figure is strangely simple, and lacks any visible robot panels and plates (which are numerous on the movie figures).

Perhaps this is part of the Devastator set, and the visible head may be the head of Devastator himself?

Source: Seibertron