Rare Micromaster Spotted in Ebay

09/12/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

And if you were collecting in 1989 or 1990, you are fully aware of how Hasbro ran with the concept, as Micromasters made up over half of the Transformers line those years! Whisper must have been quite the hit!    

This is what the auctioner claimed;

"This piece was created by a Hasbro designer and presented at a line meeting as consideration for a production toy during the early years of the Transformers toy line. Apparently the designer glued this item and painted it silver as needed for whatever purpose was intended.


Entirely hand painted and glued together, this piece represents and early mock up for the vintage Transformers line. Protoypes and samples for the G1 line rarely surface,

Skywarp prototypes and mock-ups surface even less often. This is an excellent opportunity to add a genuine Gen1 prototype to your collection. In excellent condition and amazing display ability. "

Source: TFW2005