Predacon Rising in Animated Season 3

20/08/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

  • Yes, there will be a season 3, Transformers Animated.
  • Episodes have been recorded.
  • Transformers Animated Season 3 will begin with a multi-part episode.
  • As of now (subject to change) it is scheduled to air, "next spring."
  • For those of you who don’t know, Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio were the Executive Story Editors and storywriters (in my opinion) largely responsible for the popularity of the Beast Wars Transformers cartoon series.  For this forthcoming Transformers Animated episode, they share credit on story and script.  It is the first time they have worked together since Beast Wars.  The episode title (subject to change) is: Predacon Rising!

We have been told, – “it should be a surprise treat for all Beast Wars Fans.”

Let me emphasize, I have received this info on very good authority, although I am not willing to reveal my sources.  But I can tell you, if it was rumor, I would have stated it as such. That Mr. Forward and DiTillio have returned to Transformers television story writing is fact, not just wishful thinking.  You can put that in the bank!