Orci’s Update

16/09/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

Roberto Orci has answered more of your questions about the upcoming sequel to the Transformers Live Action Movie, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. In the last couple of days, Mr Orci has confirmed that principle photography for Transformers 2 will wrap "another five weeks or so".

Also, without confirming what Soundwave will turn into (or the Ice Cream truck robot), Roberto Orci stated that Soundwave will not be an ice cream truck, nor will he be an iPod or a combiner made of many iPods.

Asked about Jazz, the answer was a solid "NO" to appearances in either flashbacks or a full return. Where does this leave the recent image leaks? Watch this space for more information!


Asked about Devastator, Roberto's response was, "IF such a thing were to happen, it would be done very realistically".

Roberto Orci also again stated that this movie will deal more specifically with the mythology of the Transformers.  And last, but not least, a question that has been asked by many fans: Will a potentially resurrected Megatron be adopting the name Galvatron? The response to this question is:

"We talked about it a lot."

Source: TFW2005