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16/09/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

TFW2005 has received confirmation from the TFW TF2 Insider that Jetfire will be an Autobot in the upcoming sequel Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. It could be that the Decepticon symbols previously reported to be on the SR-71 Blackbird were part of Michael Bay's misinformation campaign? Or is it a plot twist?

To which I want to say "duh." That Jetfire will be an Autobot is nearly a foregone conclusion if you look at the character's G1 history. Regardless of incarnation in comics or animation, Jetfire started as a Decepticon but became an Autobot when he realized their goal was not to improve Cybertron but subjugate it. In some versions, he was once Starscream's best friend. Jetfire's character arc is nearly perfect for a 2 hour movie. So yeah, Jetfire probably is introduced as a Decepticon but by movie's end will be an Autobot.

I still maintain that no misinformation campaign exists. At most the campaign is to let us think what we want and confirm or deny nothing. Our imagination is all the campaigning they need.


From (which they pulled until find independent sources to confirm):

  1. How do I know if there making 5 movies? The whole crew signed a contract saying they will make 3 installments. Shia also said he will make 2 more after 3 because he liked Transformers when he was young.
  2. What’s up with the Scorponok (image)? He will get upgrades. You will see his robot mode. His robot mode is the same as the toy line.
  3. The 7 Constructicons will make "Devastator"
  4. What will be the replacement name for Bonecrusher of the Constructicons? (Since he died) Starscream has special plans for that dead body. (Notice in the movie, his body wasn't on the cargo carrier.
  5. What’s up with the Arcee bikes? I’ll give you a hint. The special people in Transformers "Armada"
  6. How the heck will they explain a female Transformer? Simple. A malfunction.
  7. I wonder who the Corvette is? Another hint. G1 color: Blue
  8. Jazz's return? You'll never see it coming.
  9. If they could afford money to get the world’s largest dump truck that's 2 stories high as "Long Haul", then how come they couldn't afford an Aircraft Carrier? We are saving the best for last.
  10. When we first thought of Soundwave being in the second movie, we designed him to be the comedian of the group. He would play music and his big HD speakers would come out of his shoulder to annoy Starscream. The songs we thought of were Caramelldansen. Also some Rock songs from AC/DC and Kiss. Then Starscream would tell him to shut up. To bad they cancelled the idea. If you asked me, I think they should have kept it.

To take them in order:

  1. Probably true in the sense of "we will keep making them as long as they make money" as is the case with all franchises. It is common practice to sign up actors for three movies and then renegotiate after that. See Spider-Man for examples. I seriously doubt that plans have gone past the "sure why not" phase.
  2. Beats me. Likely Scorponok will be in the sequel. Shooting in Egypt and Holloman confirm at least some desert sequences. Introducing his robot mode makes sense.
  3. Just repeating the rumor. While I hope true, as explained here, I have serious doubts on it.
  4. Could be true, who knows. Much like Jazz though, I just don't see Bay and company wasting screen time treading old territory when they can use that same time to introduce new characters and Transformers mythology.
  5. Not a clue what that means.
  6. Sure why not. Even easier explanation – don't bother to explain it. People will either accept it or won't. It’s a case where too much information is worse then no information.
  7. They are saying that the Corvette is Tracks. Could be true. Could be any number of other Autobots. I get the feeling that "Stinger" is a placeholder name and a final name, voice casting, and personality will be worked out in post production.
  8. See 4.
  9. Bay said he liked the idea of a Transforming Aircraft Carrier. He probably also realized that having a fight with an aircraft carrier considering most Autobots don't fly (and I assume don't swim) would probably look a bit silly. Not holding my breath on this one.
  10. I could see Bay and others pitching this idea (along this hundreds of other ideas like the aircraft carrier). I can also see Orci and Kurtzman laughing at it and then going "no, no, no, bad idea. Nevermind the fans would freak and not in a good way." It more then likely was just an idea tossed out during a planning session and didn't get much further.

Source: Transformers Live