More Devastator Updates

14/11/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

TFW2005 has got some updated info from a source called S250 on how Devastator will actually be put together. Here’s the intel,
The Devastator Gestalt toy will be formed as follows:

Dump Truck – Right Leg
Bulldozer – Left Leg
Wheel Loader – Right Arm
Truss Crane – Left Arm
Excavator – Right Shoulder
Articulated Dump Truck – Left Shoulder
Cement Mixer – Head

S250 has also received an update regarding his previous information, the update being that six of the seven components (the lone exception being the Truss Crane) also apparently have a robot mode. The Truss Crane is listed as having “no robot form”.


Now how they will assemble is a rumour from a forum poster, so take it as it is.

The biggest Devatstator rumour we have heard to date is that despite being included in the movie, his scene is apparently brief. Considering this news implies that one of the parts of Devastator doesn’t even have a robot mode it makes me wonder just how far away from the Truss Crane the others could get if they wanted the option of combining.

And as supercool as these combiners are, I always thought they were limiting. Their ultimate power can be circumvent simply by eliminating ONE bot making him useless. With great power comes great responsibility.

Source: The Movie Blog