Isabel Lucas ‘Back On’ with Shia

26/11/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

Confidential's Los Angeles spies confirmed Lucas and LaBeouf were seen "coupled up" at ArcLight cinemas on Sunset Boulevard at the weekend. The ex-pat Australian who spotted the young stars gave a typically Hollywood-style review of the date night and the body language between the high-profile pair.

"They are so totally going out," the spy quipped via text message yesterday.

The second sighting of the couple should renew speculation over her relationship with Entourage star Adrian Grenier. He was swift to return to Lucas' side in the days after she was a passenger in LaBeouf's car when it was totalled by another car which ran a red light.


Both actors escaped serious injury in the LA collision, but her relationship with Grenier was widely rumoured to be on the skids after she was so publicly outed with the Transformers star.

More recently, Lucas and LaBeouf shared professional time together, bonding on the set of the Transformers sequel, Revenge Of The Fallen. Only a fortnight ago, Lucas dodged cameras when she was spotted with Grenier.

Source: News AU