13/03/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

Q1) Can we expect to see Universe Classics Jazz, Soundwave and especially Wheeljack? TFUC seems like the perfect line to debut a true Wheeljack figure since he hasn’t really been given the proper treatment since G1. It also seems like a tease getting Ravage with Hound without a Soundwave out there!

A1) These are three of the names that keep poping up on our radar.  Soundwave is difficult because we can’t make his alt mode a cassette player – kids today just wouldn’t even know what that is. I can tell you that he is being discussed for future release but nothing is definite at this time. Jazz is a favorite as well but nothing has been discussed as of now. Wheeljack on the other hand, has been discussed more in-depth and we’re excited about prospects for his appearance in the near future.

Q2) In your Toy Fair presentation, you mention doing super-sized Robot Heroes this year. I’m assuming that means a Devestator with the Revenge of the Fallen line.


A2) As we examine opportunities to do "super-sized" Robot Heroes, we look closely at characters that we feel will fit best with this larger expression.  Therefore it is safe to say that those "larger" characters have a pretty good chance at being the "super-sized" figures.  Stay tuned for exact character selection as this product line rolls out in 2009!

Q3) Will there be super-sized Robot Heroes for the G1 Transformers too? A cartoon Devestator or Omega Supreme? Other combiners?

A3) Currently, we do not have any plans to do any additional G1Transformers in the Robot Heroes line outside what has been announced for 2009, including supersized bots! Unfortunately too, it is still a bit too early to release any information about our plans for 2010 and what this expression will mean at that point in time.

Source: Action Figure Insider