Hasbro Counters IGLHR Allegations

Hasbro Counters IGLHR Allegations

29/12/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Just right before the Christmas festivities, the Institute For Global Labour And Human Rights had found allegations regarding appalling working conditions for a Chinese factory subcontracted by Hasbro to manufacture Transformers action figures, with incriminating evidences from workers and photographs.

Not too soon after that, Hasbro has responded to these allegations after what it describes as an unnanounced nine hour inspection of the factory.

Immediately following some unsubstantiated allegations posted by an outside group regarding working conditions at the Jet Fair factory, Hasbro, together with ICTI, deployed a team to investigate, as we take such claims very seriously. Following an unannounced, nine-hour inspection of the facility this past week, we are satisfied that Jet Fair meets with Hasbro’s rigorous requirements.

While Hasbro is committed to continual improvement in all facets of corporate social responsibility, including continued ethical product manufacturing at Jet Fair and all factories that produce Hasbro products, the inflammatory allegations made by the NGO in their report were unsubstantiated by our investigation. As a matter of course, Hasbro will continue to monitor conditions at Jet Fair and all of our factories.

The Company has a strong track record and has had long-standing policies and processes in place for years to help ensure good working conditions, including health and safety, at factories making our products. We strive to conduct business throughout our supply chain in accordance with the highest ethical standards, and we utilize not only ICTI– but also our own on-the-ground workforce– to monitor social compliance.

For more information about Hasbro’s comprehensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, including more detail regarding Hasbro’s policies and practices related to ethical product manufacturing, please visit http://wwww.hasbro.com/csr.