Grimlock, No.2 In Hall Of Fame

12/05/2010 0 By Administratus Prime

Hasbro has announced the second nominee for the final spot on this year’s TRANSFORMERS HALL OF FAME inductions. Joining Soundwave as a nominee will be…Grimlock!

With the final five candidates determined by a group of fansites, TRANSFORMERS fans around the world will be asked who should be inducted as the final candidate into TRANSFORMERS Hall of Fame.

Voting will start on Monday, May 10th with 5 candidates nominated by Fans to choose from. The winner will join Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, and Starscream.


Fan’s choice nominee #2 is: GRIMLOCK

“Me GRIMLOCK king!”

GRIMLOCK fought his way through the gladiatorial pits underneath Kaon to become one of the greatest warriors on CYBERTRON. Having joined the AUTOBOTS early on during the Great War, GRIMLOCK made it clear he never trusted OPTIMUS PRIME to properly lead the AUTOBOTS. Due to his shock and awe approach to combat, GRIMLOCK is not regarded as a great military leader.

However, he has fought and survived through enough battles to earn top ranking position among the AUTOBOTS. Having struck out on his own, GRIMLOCK eventually found himself leader of the DINOBOTS, a special operations strike force unit that can power through most barricades and DECEPTICON strongholds. During a battle with the DECEPTICON SCORPONOK, GRIMLOCK’s vocal processors were damaged, leading to his awkward and distinct way of speaking. If GRIMLOCK has a weakness, it is his larger than Prime ego and his lack of patience.