GMC Cars Won Roles in TF

16/09/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

While other automakers have regularly wheel and deal to put their product lines in movies, GM’s vehicles are cast as shape-shifting action stars in the projected summer blockbuster.

This is a wonderful opportunity for General Motors to get its product in front of millions of people. While vehicles starring in a movie would not necessarily drive people into showrooms like a rebate program will drive them into showrooms, it will reach people in a very different setting.

Michael Bay’s “Transformers” also stars Pontiac Solstice, Hummer H2 and the GMC TopKick pickup truck.


Still, GM was not a shoo-in for the prime vehicle roles. In fact, Bay initially was considering another automaker for the Bumblebee character, which was originally a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. But the yellow Camaro concept became the inspiration for the movie Bumblebee after Bay saw a full-scale model. It is a perfect fit because it’s a muscle car and still state of the art. The biggest problem was that the car wasn’t being made.

Pontiac’s Solstice will be playing Jazz, which was played by a Porsche in the cartoon. The Solstice also had to be created because GM was only selling it as a convertible as filming began. Bay wanted Jazz to be a gray, hardtop Solstice. Ratchet, the search-and-rescue vehicle, is played by a Hummer H2 painted fluorescent light green and modified with off-road lights, a winch and brush guard in front, and shovels on its sides. Ironhide, a rugged off-roader, is played by a GMC TopKick pickup truck with a Duramax diesel engine.

Also, the Ford has put its Decepticon Saleen Mustang car in the action flick.

Source: Old Car Dealer