Game Companies Gearing Up for Transformers Prime

Game Companies Gearing Up for Transformers Prime

11/05/2012 0 By Administratus Prime

While Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners have Transformers: Fall of Cybertron to look forward to later this summer, Nintendo gamers will soon get a taste of Autobot action with Transformers Prime. 

Based on the popular cartoon currently airing on The Hub, this action-based brawler will allow fans of the show to experience events that take place alongside the second season. To be clear, this game is certainly aimed at a younger audience than its counterparts, but it will no doubt find a place in homes with children running around – or with those of us who refuse to acknowledge we’re older.

“The story of the game begins with the Decepticons intercepting a mysterious meteor approaching the Earth, and the Autobots arriving to try and thwart their plans,” J.D. Livergood, a producer at Activision told me. “Due to a massive eruption of power during a battle on the meteor, the Autobots are separated and plunge to Earth and lose contact with the kids (Jack, Miko and Raf) monitoring them at base. Unknown to the Autobots and the kids, the Decepticons may have uncovered an ancient power that could mean the end of the Autobots and possibly the Earth.” Livergood noted this game works within the cartoon’s universe during the second season, but that it could be ‘wedged’ in anywhere.


Fundamentally Prime is about third-person brawling, focusing on melee-based combat between mechs, though it does have some shooter elements. The game also breaks away from the action with driving sequences, and will take players from Greece to South America to outer space. Boss battles will focus on key rivalries featured in the cartoon, ranging from the obvious Optimus Prime/Megatron match-up to Arcee/Airachnid.

Differences between Wii and 3DS versions of Prime are mostly in terms of presentation, according to Livergood. The Wii edition of the game will feature full voice acting and motion-based controls, while the 3DS version will utilize the 3D capabilities of the system and touch-based input. The DS version, being developed by Altron Corporation, will also feature unspecified, exclusive content. Development of the Wii and 3DS versions is being handled by NowPro.

Credits: IGN