Dear Optimus Prime

13/03/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

But the problem is,you know,it will be released in malaysia on 25th june 2009 and i am not in malaysia that time.

So,i was wondering,can you please please please persuade michael (bay) or stevie (spielberg and yes i call him stevie.sounds adorable no?:P)  to postpone the release of the movie to a later date like…some day in august?so that i can watch it with my sayang or my annoying brother when i come back .

You know..i love watching movies that are spoken in english.and i know,if i really want to watch one,i have to go to frankfurt (i think so) which is,according to my friends 6 hours plus from deggendorf which the movie will totally be spoken in english.and that is a waste of money.because i have to pay for the train ticket which is like €++ (i dont know exactly how much) and surely if you convert the amount into my country’s currency,it will surely burn the holes in your pocket. (wait,,,do you have a pocket??”-_-)


If you are speaking of downloading.sorry..i dont want to download the movie from the internet because downloading is the same as piracy.

cewahhhh~ haha

Besides,i want to support YOUR movie and i can not wait again for the original dvd to be released because waiting for the movie to be released in the cinema is already hell torturing for,waiting?again?dvd?a big NEIN NEIN.

So,optimus,or prime or are a great,handsome,kind,strong,smart,can you please persuade those two?

and one more thing,can you please tell mr lego company to release lego models for transformers too?just like what they did for star wars.dont you realise that it’s unfair?transformers are as great as the jedis’.so,they should have released models of you or or bumblebee or megatron too.oops..sorry.i know both of you are enemies.but im just saying *wink2*

and when mr lego company do release lego models for transformers,i promise you,i’ll be the first in line to buy them.

i hope you can help this primitive human girl on this matter?besides,you owe us big time though,coz sam saved you from megatron last time.tee-hee

anyway,i would like to thank you for your efforts.



Source: Neesa Haleman