Colouring Book Reveals Spoilers

28/03/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

So is Megatron really dead – and what about this ancient evil bot, how does he come about? Thankfully, a child's coloring book has all of the answers to Michael Bay's Transformers sequel. Spoilers below.

Captions include the following information – Agent Simmons needs to run up to the top of the pyramid to stop Devastator (from early rumors we know what happens to Simmons after this), Megatron returns angry under a title of DECEPTICON REUNION saying, "the only command is mine!", Sam's parents, the Witwicky's are upset after the condition of their house after a battle, kitchen appliances come to life after Sam obtains the Allspark sliver (perhaps the house destruction follows?), Wheelie tries to get the sliver from Mikaela but a blowtorch helps her out and the Decepticons head to Egypt to retrieve and ancient machine, Devastator points it at the Sun.

As you can see from some of the pages, Megatron is alive and kicking.


I think. (Sorry, even when there isn't any color I still can barely tell where these transforming robots' heads are located.) Reports that Sam somehow goes bonkers seems to be confirmed by his habit of scribbling ancient Cybertronian symbols all over the place.



And perhaps the ultimate Transformer weapon is being held inside the pyramids.

I think we can start pasting this plot together! 

Source: IESB