Citroen Transformer Do John Travolta

17/09/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

The eye-popping commercial follows the Transformers theme of previous ads but this time the motor apes the iconic street scene from the 30-year-old disco movie.

In it Travolta memorably swaggered down the streets of New York to the backing of a Bee Gees soundtrack. But in the new multi-million pound ad campaign a giant robot car does the same, pausing to check its reflection in a shop window or mimic the famous dance moves of the era.

The robot comes complete with modern day "bling" like jewelled teeth, disco lights and a glitter ball beret as it struts and dances past famous New York landmarks.


And instead of the Bee Gees, the music is an updated version of the group's famous Staying Alive track mixed by performer MC Lita. The 50-second commercial makes its debut tonight/Sunday on Channel 4 – which is appropriate as the model featured is Citroen's C4 saloon.


The dance moves are performed by professional performer Daniel Cloud before the FX experts transfer the complicated classic and urban steps to the robot car.

It is the fourth in a series of groundbreaking ads by the French company since 2005 which features cars turning into robots. They have become internet viral hits too with the short films and various versions of them featuring heavily on YouTube and other networking sites.

Source: Mirror