Chevy Twins Revealed

06/02/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

Many of the pics featured the “Twins” which are two new unique additions to the Autobot cast taking the vehicle forms of the Chevy Beat and Chevy Trax concept designs. This of course, is because Transformers is partly a big GM advertisement.

The Chevy Beat Twin is confirmed to be named Skids while the Chevy Trax Twin's name is currently unknown.

The floodgates for Revenge of the Fallen images should open up this weekend with the debut of the first teaser trailer footage during Super Bowl 43.


Activision, the company behind The Official Transformers video games, released some new promotional images on their website and these included our first ever look at the two brother bots.

The first Transformers movie game was horrible and very cheaply made like most movie tie-in games but that’s off topic so take a look at the new bots and see what you think.

Rumors suggest the Twins can combine together into something bigger and may even start the film as a old dilapidated ice cream truck before "scanning" a cooler form ala Bumblebee in the first film. They're also expected to bicker with one another as any set of twins is known to do.

The site also includes a shot of Ironhide in robot mode who may or may not be tweaked from his first film design. Something about the chest looks a little different.

Source: Screenrant