Bay Heating Up ROTF

12/01/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

Bay confirms that the Revenge of the Fallen teaser poster was, as reported earlier released today, and he seems to suggest that the marketing build-up for the film will now commence. A date for a potential teaser trailer has not been set yet.

"Okay it's time to turn up the heat on Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen. We've waited low in the weeds letting all the summer movies get their stuff out. We've seen the great year end movies, and watched the upcoming clips of the upcoming summer fare. We've seen certain movies coming out even try to duplicate Transformer size robots in their ads. Please, come on.

Well, I promise you we will rock your world with Transformers 2. The fans wanted ROBOTS KICKING ASS – well we got it. Today we are releasing the teaser poster and soon the onslaught will continue with a steady drum beat until June 26th.


I'll keep you informed." – Bay

Source: Seibertron