Amazon Japan Listings for ROTF

13/03/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

May 30th, and later this summer on June 27th. The listings show the toys we know of already and two additional toys we've not heard of yet.

The new action figures listed include RA-11 Chromia which may be one of motorcycles working with Arcee and RA-08 Desert Tracker Ratchet that we'll assume has the green or some variant recolor scheme as we've seen with the FAB fogure.

Check out the links and release dates to the Amazon pages below:


May 30, 2009

RA-01 Optimus Prime 7140 JPY
RA-02 Ironhide 3990 JPY
RA-03 Bumblebee (Deluxe ver.) 2415 JPY
RA-04 Sideswipe 2415 JPY
RA-05 Autobot Breakaway 2415 JPY
RA-06 Roll Bar 1260 JPY
RA-07 Autobot Knockout 1260 JPY

RD-01 Megatron 7140 JPY
RD-02 Starscream 3990 JPY
RD-03 Demolisher 3990 JPY
RD-04 Soundwave 2415 JPY
RD-05 Sideways 2415 JPY
RD-06 Decepticon Rampage 2415 JPY
RD-07 Dead End 1260 JPY
RD-08 Dirt Boss 1260 JPY

June 27, 2009

RA-08 Desert Tracker Ratchet 3990 JPY
RA-09 Autobot Wheelie 2415 JPY
RA-10 Skidz 2415 JPY
RA-11 Chromia 2415 JPY
RA-12 Depth Charge 1260 JPY

RD-09 Ransack 1260 JPY

GB-01 Optimus Prime 2415 JPY
GB-02 Bumblebee 2415 JPY
GB-03 Starscream 2415 JPY
GB-04 Sideswipe 2415 JPY
GB-05 Mudflap 2415 JPY

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