All Leaked ROTF Info Is Fake

01/08/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

He continues, "[w]hen shooting scenes we don't refer to character names and use wrong faces on the poles representing different robots that are going to be placed in."

Mr. Bay indicates that these fake schedules and call sheets have indeed thrown us off the scent. "[N]o one knows the story of the movie besides Sam going to college."

While he has denied a good bit of the information that we thought we knew, there was no flat-out denial in the post regarding the main villain that was revealed by IDW Publishing.


IDW Publishing writer Chris Mowry stated in a recent interview that he has been working on "Destiny," the "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" prequel comic, with the aide of the film's full script. Mr. Bay carefully jumped around this claim by saying that the number of people who have read the script is "under ten."

"The only full script for the movie exist with me and the original writer's," he writes on his message board. "A select few crew members have read parts, some of the leads have read full scripts – but the number is under ten. One person from Paramount [Pictures], three from Dreamworks [SKG]."