5 Bots We Can’t Wait To Meet

25/02/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

But make no mistake: The never-before-seen featurette that was met with the most frenzied fury belonged to "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen."

Ever since the mind-blowing concept of aliens-disguised-as-automobiles first burst onto the scene in 1984, kids around the world have expected any decent toy car to unfold, twist and shift into a die-cast robot with a bazooka for an arm. That whir, whir, whir sound effect? Well, if you don't know it by heart, then you might as well turn in your child-of-the-late-20th-century ID badge.

Based on trailers, the Super Bowl ad and other released footage, our Autobot-loving staff has compiled our list of the top five Transformers who'll be wrecking and/or saving Shia's day June 24:


5. Ravage
It typically gets one or two quick shots in the "Revenge" trailers, but this evil jaguar-like robot looks to be a scene-stealer. There's something undeniably cool about animal-based Transformers, and much as Skorpinok became a breakout in the first "Transformers," look for every kid (and 40-year-old virgin) near you to soon be playing with a Ravage figure.

4. Optimus Prime
Who are we kidding? Few of the new characters could hope to compare to the tough-talking truck leader of the Autobots. Although Prime takes some tough hits in "Revenge," he's still likely to emerge as the fan favorite.

3. Arcee
I know what you're thinking: "The 2007 'Transformers' movie was awesome, but I'm concerned about Bumblebee's dating life." Well, don't worry, friend, because Michael Bay has heard your concerns. Despite lacking any semblance of male or female reproductive organs, Arcee will become the first official "female" Transformer in the live-action series and could bring in a story line that had the pink Autobot getting friendly with the yellow breakout from the first flick. Let's just hope Bay keeps their love scenes PG and saves the "13" parts for Megan Fox.

2. The Fallen
Like Judas was to Jesus — if you could compare a fictional transforming alien robot to a biblical character without coming across as mildly blasphemous. One of the original Transformers, he betrays his creator and ends up becoming one of the most powerful among their ranks. The apocalyptic character's revenge is a central theme in the new flick.

1. The Devastator
From the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to the giant Gingerbread Man in "Shrek 2," movies have repeatedly taught us one thing: If something is cool, it's a whole lot cooler when it's enormous. Devastator is a massive Decepticon who stands roughly 120 feet tall and comes about when six Constructicons combine. At full force, with Michael Bay behind the camera, Devastator promises to be so huge that he'll make Optimus Prime look like Optimus Petite Filet.

Source: MTV