3 Reasons Why ROTF Will Be Weak

26/07/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

“It’s about being away from home. It’s a few years later and Sam is going to finally go to college and he’s going to face being away from home just as the Autobots are having to deal with being away from Cybertron.”

I’m sorry, is this the Transformers movie or an episode of Felicity?

And how about this:

“We couldn’t quite figure out how to justify a robot that would pretend to be a dinosaur.”

Okay, you already have talking robots battling it out over an ancient magical cube. Is it that hard to find some way to bring in the Dinobots, even if it stretches suspense of disbelief to the absolute limit?


Lastly, regarding a possible return of Megatron:

    “That would be silly.”

You’re right, guys. Who wants the best villain of all (save Unicron) to make a comeback anyway?

Source: Crunchgear