Convoy MP-10 (Masterpiece) Review

Convoy MP-10 (Masterpiece) Review

25/09/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

MP-10 Convoy or fondly ‘Convoy 2.0’  is an new Masterpiece Convoy that undergone new retooling where he is now (sadly) smaller in size. The reason behind this is for him to be in-scale with most recent Masterpiece releases such as MP-08 Grimlock and MP-09 Rodimus Convoy.

Robot Mode

MP-10 full robot mode

Some action poses

Posing possibilities is endless

Robot mode with gun mounted on his hands

Here is a shot of him with United Jazz. They look nicely scaled even in robot mode.

Robot mode with battle axe and trailer

With movie Optimus Prime, the best of both reincarnations

Alternate Mode

The cab mode is the best I have seen so far and it beats MP01 mold by a mile in terms of aesthetics and overall feel. While there is a lot of heft in MP01, this new iteration of Prime is more faithful to the animation model.

Frontal side view of cab and trailer

As you can see, he scales NICELY with CHUGS. I have put Tracks there for comparison and the scale of the vehicle feels right.

Front of the cab is more accurate to the Freightliner FL86.

Back view, much larger panels


The plastic feels better. Not like MP-09. He does not feel fragile and the joints are tight. Everything clips and folds into place. There is no misalignment.


Some points to take note:


For the hands, if you handled Gundam models before, it is the same type of articulation BUT without THUMB movement. This is kinda disappointing as an added thumb articulation would do a lot for the figure dynamic posing.

All except thumb have no movement

The front chest closes securely and there are not gaps.

Because of the static thumb, he can hold the rifle better unlike MP01

There are heaps of articulation for MP10. The only downside is that the elbows and knees are not double jointed.

Overall an excellent figure (for me at least). I am a fan of CHUGS so having an MP figure that can incorporate itself with them is a plus point for me. It doesn’t  look that out of place compared to the earlier MP01. While he might not have tons of die-cast, posing him is such a joy and the added articulation benefits the figure immensely.


The updated look make him feel relevant as he blends well with CHUGS.


Let’s move on with the transformation.

First you need to close the side mirrors and push UP the smokestacks.

Disengage the front part of the cab that forms the lights and sides of the front bumper.

Pull out the arms

Flip the fist out.

Push up the panels that form the sides to complete the arms transformation.

Open the chest and flip out the head.

Push up the front grille and you will be able to see the exposed Matrix.

Lift up the spine to enable the front tires and side armor to rotate.

Rotate the sides where the front wheels face upwards.

The front headlights and side bumpers earlier will be tucked onto the back of the body.

Flip down the headlights and side bumpers to complete the back transformation.

Push down the spine and it will click to the faux front grille.

Rotate the waist 180 degrees and un-tab the gas tanks.

Now the leg transformation is very different. Unlike MP01, where you pull the tanks on the sides of the legs, the mechanism is now at the back. Just press it and pull the legs out.

Then take the back panel and flip it over to cover the wheels.

Go to the front of the leg and do the same to the panel that forms the vents.

Spread open the feet.

To complete the transformation, flip down the gas tanks and tuck it on the side to completely cover the wheels.

For the trailer, there is nothing much. The standard MP-04 fare with roller. I will not go in detail as this is rather samey with other Prime+trailer releases (except for the DOTM line)

Closer look on the bay

With Tracks being serviced

The bay of rejuvenation!

As for Spike and Roller, all I can say is Spike is a neat accessory, but I am not too hung up on him. And Roller does what he does best. rolls. and he can carry Prime’s gun and haul his trailer.


True to his G1 paintjob with chrome parts on supposedly metal.

Fun Factor

He is all-round, complex yet fun and enjoyable to play with. Going down memory lane is the best thing to do with him.


His pointing finger likes to pop off, so be careful else you might loose it.

There are some parts that need to be forced like the retractable legs. You have to really pull hard to get the thighs out. So just be careful.


Worth the money with those added gimmicks, and accessory goodies.


If you love MP-01, CHUGS, and G1, he is awesome to own.


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