Unicron Review (25th Anniversary Amazon.com Exclusive)

Unicron Review (25th Anniversary Amazon.com Exclusive)

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This is like the fourth incarnation for the standard mass release and the 6th or 7th incarnation including all the Japanese exclusives and lucky draw. So there you have it, Unicron made in the honour of commemorating 25th  Anniversary of the Transformers, The Movie.

The big difference is definitely the deco as it was metallic gray and gold orange with some blue accents. The minicon that comes with him is Kranix only exclusively made available for Amazon and Canadian TRU ironically, general retail in South East Asia.


Front view of packaging

Side showing his stats and story

Back showing his features

Side showing his gimmicks

Blister packaging

Gimmicks and parts in the box, by the way part of the box can be removed from the packaging, as it stores the instructions and other parts.

Like Rodimus in his packaging, except times, well he is really tall, taller than my MP-01 Convoy and Omega Prime. So yeah his packaging is humongous, but neatly pack, MISB fanboys will love it as it displays Unicron magnificently, however in his packaging, his wings and umm wings and feet are not shown properly.


Robot Mode

Full frontal view of Unicron minus weapons

Upclose view of his face

Unicron with his wings attached

Unicron's backview

Comparison with MP-10 robot mode.

Comparison with MP-01 robot mode.

Again this bad boy is massive. Its like holding a baby and I really love what hasbro has done with the paint apps, simply amazing. He is much closer to his G1 embodiment in the animated movie than the TAKARA 2010 version. Sadly I don’t have the Takara one to compare it with yet, MASSIVE, he easily towers of the other bots.

Alternate Mode

Spherical with horns and rings (coronas?)

Top view of the planet Unicron!

Comparisons as planet with MP-10

Comparisons as planet with MP-01

Top and angle view, nothing really much to say except he is a planet. You can attach minicons on him, move his horns and you have the CHOMP CHOMP action. Not much on mobility since he is a planet. What do you expect ?

Again I have to stress it being huge and nothing much to comment as it is just a planet. Just view it in its amazing awesomeness is worthwhile enough.


Nothing new but inherit Armada’s version but for CHUGs fans this will be a trip down memory lane for G1’ers.


Head turns, all limbs rotatable, arms and legs up to knees and hips. As for feet, talons is movable. Super posable but the minus is it can be unstable.


True to G1 designs especially with the new deco.


The Glowing Articulated Fists, it rotates and have full articulation on the fingers.except for the thumb

Articulation on the waist, and his um..pelvic flaps? fold...he can rotate 360.

see ...fingers are articulated.. he can even do this magnificent gesture.

heheh had to do it..

Behold my Glowing Eyes

Arms, elbow, wrist, have rotation and articulation.

Feet, ankle, knee, and umm possible pelvic thrust motion.. have articulation and bends..

Feet Missiles

Imitating Mazinger-z "BURESTOOOO FAIYAAAAA" his chest cannon activated by inserting kranix minicon behind at the trigger point.

Top View..

His gimmicks are sweet, even with his humongous-ness. He has the standard projectile and light up functions and his articulation is amazing for a toy that size. Sold too.


Goldie orange, and metallic grey for supposedly metal parts with some accents of faint blue on legs. Overall is anime accurate compared to the past two versions (not Energon).

Fun Factor

Fun to be line up with CHUGS.


OK, am not showing the pics, because the problems are just minuscule and not worth to fuss.

  1. Flaps on wrist if too, just apply much pressure it will pop off
  2. Flaps on the abs, just apply a little pressure it will pop off
  3. Surprising for his huge feet, he can be off balance at times. This is due to the talon like toes.
  4. Zero articulation on his head. You can make him look like his head was chopped off though.
  5. The connectors on his wings are wee bit loose and you cant extend them properly or position them.
  6. Don’t lose Kranix or you will not access some of his features.
  7. Precision transformation and yet wee simple transformation, hardly a level 3 for Hasbro.
  8. Flaps on his pelvis also easy to pop off.
  9. Other than those minor QC this figure rocks


A bit pricey (online) because of the ‘exclusive’ gimmickery but if you don’t mind paying, it will be an excellent entry for G1 fanatics. If you can get him retail, he can be cheaper than the Takara version.


This can be seen as the best incarnation of Unicron. His head looks new with slight retool and his colors just make him super accurate. If this is going to be your first Unicron, you can forget the rest especially if you love G1. If you are a variant hunter, keep your eyes on Energon version and the Japanese lucky draw versions as well.


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