Warpath Review

Warpath Review

05/09/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Warpath was the only new toy released in the 8th Wave of Generation. As was Universe Powerglide, he received an ‘up-scale’ release (after his 2008 Legend Class release)

Robot Mode

He carries an awful lot of resemblance with his IDW design

The barrel can be extended but I choose to leave it that way to support his head from falling back in

Back view of Warpath

With his Legend self

Alternate Mode


As was his legend release, his alt mode is a H-Tank with a spring-loaded missile launcher

Front view of alternate mode

Side view of alternate mode


Back view of alternate mode

Side-by-side comparison with Legend release (Minibot Spy Team)

Tampographed "Z0W-333" ("zoweee")

Tampographed "K4-90W" ("kapow"), his catch phrases from the original cartoon

His turret can rotate 360o and his barrel can raise

Saying that the projectile for his missilse launcher are long is an understatement. This maybe due to toy safety regulation


Being that his G1 toys was a minibot, it’s about time he received a deluxe treatment, more true to his original cartoon design.


For current standard, his articulation kinda underwhelming especially on his legs.


A small dissapointment would be in terms of articulation of this toys. Head only on swivel instead of ball joint, absence of wrist swivel and also ankle joint (though the feet can be tilt forward)

Still, by getting familiar with it, it's still pretty damn posable

Why Powerglide bigger than me?


He’s not a shell-formers, that’s for sure. No extra kibble hanging around and limiting his articulations (Universe Galvatron comes in mind)


Includes 4 C-clip-compatibles spots

None aside from his “auto-morph”. The barrel was push inward to reveal his head (and should be left there so that the head won’t fall back in)


Given that he consist mostly of colored plastic, he has a pretty decent paint job true to his G1 roots.

Fun Factor

Although his aesthetic is awesome, he is pretty much a straight forward toy.


Very simple transformation, pretty straight forward can be completed in less than 8 steps.


The is one of the most sought after (in Generation/RtS line) however that may due to the fact that he’s short stock.


A good re-incarnation. Personally, I kinda like the fact that Hasbro are giving the G1 Minibots (Powerglide, Seaspray, etc) a bigger toy class.


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