Jetwing Optimus Prime (Supreme)

Jetwing Optimus Prime (Supreme)

30/07/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Jetwing Optimus Prime (DA-15) is a retool of Revenge of the Fallen Leader class Buster Optimus Prime that comes with a large jet pack with dual gatling cannons.

The base robot mode has been modified to accommodate the Dark of The Moon feel and MechTech features such as the 6-pack on the abdomen, flares on the elbow, cannon clips, retooled back for jetpack fitting and MechTech ports on the lower arms .

His arsenal is still the energon blades but it comes in dual with similar electronics of Buster Optimus Prime is still being retained.


The jetpack is attached to the back and secured with hooks behind his neck with spring-loaded clamp that latches onto a recessed area under Optimus’ back. The fuel tanks that form Optimus’ Ion Blaster must be removed for this mode, and they can be stored inside the engines for the jet pack.

The Jetwing mode can still be implemented on previous versions of  Leader Optimus Primes from Revenge of the Fallen & HFTD onwards, but with unstable combination. The jet pack contains four MechTech ports on the main wing articulation points, and two C joint mounting points on each wing. The Gatling Cannons both feature two MechTech ports and 2 C joint mounts on either side of each cannon.