Structor Review (TFC Toys)

Structor Review (TFC Toys)

19/12/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Here goes Structor as we review, the fourth of six figures by TFC toys, that combine together to form Hercules. He is technically not-Scrapper thanks to the creative minds behind TFC, Scrapper had made it through the ranks in CHUGS although not officially Hasbro’s.


Same as those before him

Side view box art

Back view box art

Aside from the normal accessories, he comes with 2 wings which are apart of Hercules's chest plate

Robot Mode

Voila - Take note that the wing can be detached and excluded from the fig. Just showing how his accessories can be incorporated together

Really nice detailing on the head. And as always, they did a great job on the light piping

The kibble on the back does show resemblance for his not-former self. And despite what seems to big back heavy, he's suprisingly stable and stand without much effort.

Close up side view

Action pose Structor

Armed and dangerous Structor

Alternate Mode

Equipped with workable hydraulic, a great re-imagining which still a homage to his not-former selfMore homage the his not-predecessor

Wing mode!

For the 80's toy, the chest plate was attach to it


Although his alt mode looks kinda weird…in a way, his Robot mode posseses great resemblance to the character it intended to.


Wide range of articulations however the swivel joint on the body are limited due to the back kibble.


In short, his articulation consist of :

  • Ball jointed shoulders
  • Hinged joint on the elbows, no wrist join
  • Head on swivel joint
  • Swivel joint on his body
  • Ball and swivel joint on the thigh
  • Hinged joint on the knee
  • Saddle joint on the body!!


Alt mode looks kinda off and in robot mode, there supposed to be better way to minimize the back kibble.


Since there is no clear gimmicks, we are going to feature his combining mode here;

Structor take the positions of Hercules's right leg (it is changeable though between being the left or right)

One thing, despite the looks, it is really stable!! The supporting joints are tight which help to support the soon-to-be-complete Hercules

This looks Structor'ed

The use of saddle joints

Nice touch on the saddle joint at the body.


Minimal detailing but enough.

Fun Factor

Aside from Hercules being nearer to be completed, not much.


Straight-to-point transformation, homagin his G1 counterpart.


Better QC, seems like TFC are getting better and better.


Good play, good homage plenty of excitement. Blends well with CHUGS.


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