Jet (PP03) Review (i-Gear)

Jet (PP03) Review (i-Gear)

24/08/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Reviewing one of the PP03 Jet series from i-Gear is an up and coming third party toy maker, that caters to Transformers fans, which Hasbro and Takara-Tomy does not make or reissue; i-Gear will step up to the plate, and in this case i-Gear is stepping up by making an MP class figure to expand the existing Seeker lines. PP03 Jet sees the creation of the ConeHeads. So lets get started!






Stickers & biocard

Comic Book, theres no instructions though.

Blister Packaging

Packaging could be better, it does look cheap and IGears could do better by making it look somewhat similar and durable to Takara-Tomy packaging.

Robot Mode


The face

View from the back

Action pose

Do you feel lucky? punk?

I had energon for lunch and oil for drinks, hmm whats for dinner?

Shall i imitate Starscream or Quote something from Macbeth?

Alternate Mode

Stylishly NOT Ramjet

Top view of the alternate mode

Bottom view

The alternate mode is quite stunning and beautiful. it redefines of who Ramjet was and multiplies it, its such a beautiful jet, in fact I would rather display it in Jet mode most of the time. Well done i-Gear.


PP03, boasts the awesomeness of the G1 mold from the cartoon, you could say its G1 brought to life with much improvement in details which I like a lot .


Like a standard Masterpiece toy, articulation is emphasized to all parts of the Alt mode and Robot mode. It can do cartwheel poses.


He is engineered and emulated from it’s G1 counterpart and magnified to MP class, the toy very much pays G1 homage quite accurately.


Articulated fingers

Chest missiles – sexay!

Nose Cone Fuselage Connector

Rotating Afterburners

Foldable Tail Fin Flaps.

Fully Loaded Arsenal.

Landing Gears

Dr Evil in the Cockpit.

If you have a Takara-Tomy Seeker, then you know what to expect.


Dominantly Red, Black and White. Spot on colors based on his G1 homage, refer to the cartoon and Gentei/Classic toys for reference.

Fun Factor

If the Gentei/Classics version brought you much fun, imagine an MP size version of the toy, with stunning transformation, and a beautiful alternate mode. it just multiplies the fun to MP class.


How complex the TakaraTomy Seekers were, it is equal and just the same, in fact you should expect the same level of difficulty and transformation.


Is it a worth buy? as an MP collector, value, price and size often are an issue, and usually IGEARs have a Size to Price Ratio that are quite off at times, in this case, the size and price value of the coneheads are quite affordable and spot on, compared to the rest of the line i-Gear has, so is this a WORTH BUY? It definitely is and I’m looking forward to completing my set.

Yep there are a few flaws and here they are.

This particular part comes off when pressure is applied and the flaps that are suppose to fold out, are very tight.

The Display stand slides are very tight and can be difficult to come on and off.


It is a welcoming addition to the Masterpiece Line, disregarding the flaws and all, i-Gear has made an amazing version of the coneheads, the plastic is durable and it doesnt feel cheap, really amazed and it definitely pays its G1 Homage. It is complex and durable, the fun is there, the jet mode is so stunning, the gimmicks are equal to that of Takara-Tomy’s. The price is affordable and all in all as an MP collector I’m quite pleased with what i-Gear has done. NUFF SAID



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