Heavy Labor Review (TFC Toys)

Heavy Labor Review (TFC Toys)

09/11/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

An overdue review, the 2nd component of TFC’s huge offering, Heavy Labor (aka Not-Long Haul). Scheduled to be released on September, was delayed till end of October due to unforeseen issue arises in regards to thereplacement part (Exgraver’s hoe).


As was Exgraver, packaged in robot mode. And the quality of the box is also the as Exgraver's

Featuring artwork of Heavy Labor

Backview - Pics of all 3 modes

Release consist of the figure itselt, an instruction manual, a biocard and replacement part for Exgraver's Hoe. The replacement part was shipped together with Heavy Labor for free and without the need of emailing any defect to TFC

Robot Mode

TFC's take on Long Haul. Compared to how Exgraver was design, it seems the bulkiness of Heavy Labor was to his role in Combine Mode

Ok, before proceeding, some collectors reported QCs where 1) One of the leg stick out to the side a bit (note, don’t try to straighten out both feet, will explain later) and 2) The hip. The fixes can be read on the following link: http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/transformers-toy-discussion/487104-tfc-heavy-labor-problems-fixes.html

However, mine didn’t suffer neither of the issues.


Side view

Back view

As was Exgraver, it has a really great light piping

Size comparison - Just a tad smaller than Nemesis Prime

Alternate Mode

A really compact alt mode which holds strong resemblance to ROTF Long Haul's alt mode

The attachment of the guns were made based on instruction

H-5-19-C-21-L-5-19 = H-E-R-C-U-L-E-S

My complaints of his alt mode are

The fists are visible and;

The combining ports that sticked out

Nice detailing

Take note that the front wheels need to be pulled downward for them to touch the ground (different configuration for Alt Mode and Robot/Combiner Mode)

With Nemesis Prime and Exgraver

I don't have ROTF Long Haul for comparison purposes but Heavy Labor is in fact smaller.


2 things that made him a tad different than his long lost (official) G1-self, his Alt Mode (which gave a lot of character to his Robot Mode) and his head.


As was Exgraver, he has wide range of articulation.

Despite the bulkiness, his articulations are pretty impressive

Double-jointed elbows, shoulders on ball joints, no wrist swivel

Aside from ball joints on the shoulders, the body part on which the ball joints are (black part) can be push to the back, extending the range of the hands. And Swivel joints on the thighs.

One thing though, unlike full range motion for Exgraver’s head, Heavy Labor has limited articulation for his, only to the side and back.

It gets better! Due to the transformation of the legs, they are design to be double-jointed

Partner in crimes

Stability? Judge yourself!


Could be better for his chest though. But good touch on the arms that form the bed of the truck.


Sadly, not so much, apart from being a functional part for the combining mode.

Combine (Lower Body) Mode

Simple transformation, in between Alt Mode and Robot Mode. Personally, i think the gears of the thigh shouldn't be fixed to make the legs straight since in combine mode, the leg thigh will be spread a bit

Side view in pre-combining mode

Back view in pre-combining mode

Movement range - Nothing hinders the leg for side and front movement (almost 90o to the side and front) However, due to the back kibble, might make the range a bit limited.

As of now, can only make an assumption that the kibble can be arrange somehow to allow more range of movement

Where we are so far?

2 out of 6 and honestly, they look good! Take note, I tried attaching Exgraver to Heavy Labor using the combiner port (which I won't repeat this time) and all I can say that, it's tight! Not like what you felt with Energon/Superlink or PCC combiner. Have no doubt when they are combine, they'll stay without any problem

Roughly Supreme Size

More close up in comparison


Far more details compared to Exgraver. Certainly a nice improvement.

Fun Factor

2 out of 6 and less than 6 months to go!


Simple transformation, really straight forward and G1-ish.


Definately worth the money! And the execution looking better and better.


A well anticipated limb for Hercules. Fits well along with the rest of the CHUGs making all you G1 feely feel proud.


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