Exgraver Review (TFC Toys)

Exgraver Review (TFC Toys)

03/08/2011 0 By Administratus Prime


Does it really looks like scavenger? Some part of the original build was change, difference from the original. However, if you look at it, does it scream “Scavenger”? Yes!


Never expect this, for both Robot mode and the combine mode posseses great articulation, no less that that of newer TF (DOTM, Generations) and even Fansproject


A really nice design but still, there’re times you don’t think there’s anything to see. Exgraver is the closest emulation of G1 Scavenger that you can get in the market after G1’s toyline demise.



Working hydraulic hoe? Check. Incorporated parts for gestalt mode? Check.


For the small amount of paint exist, the paint job is ok (it’s mainly green plastic). But a bit more details wouldn’t hurt

Fun Factor

1st out of 6 parts combiner, that’s the fun.


Maybe they intentionally stick to the basic and back to G1 style where the transformations are equals to that of Universe Ultra Class Figures (not Silverbolt though, too easy)


Is it worth the price? Not sure. But to have the ultimate (for now) combiner for your Classics line? Worth every penny


This redeemed the long time lost for all those long wait for a proper G1 Constructicons even though they aren’t legit. At least for G1 purist and newbies, this can at least spark your interest to get back to the roots of Transformers by admiring the designs of Exgraver. Standing as tall as a standard voyager class Transformer, Exgraver is a nice addition to your already glorious Classics, Generations and Henkei that you already had. Doesn’t look Decepticon enough? Get those insignias from Reprolabels and Decepticonize him, and instantly he’ll be added to the Decepticon ranks that you already have!


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