TF Fiction, The Nerdiest Thing Ever

TF Fiction, The Nerdiest Thing Ever

27/06/2010 0 By Administratus Prime

There are roughly a gajillion books based on Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and pretty much anything related to sci-fi, and I’ve never been brave enough to go down the sci-fi fan-fiction wormhole. As they say, when you dance with sci-fi fan fic, sci-fi fan fic doesn’t change, sci-fi fan fic changes you.

Ain't a nerd ...look at my jackpack?

But today MTV Movies Blog published an exclusive story to promote the release of Transformers: Exodus, a Transformers novel by Alex Irvine. They’re running an entire short story that doesn’t appear in the book, but purports to tell “how the Autobot Bumblebee came to lose his voice.” I could not. Look. Away. I had a really hard time choosing an excerpt:

“Can we win…” Alpha Trion repeated, seemingly to himself. After some time he returned a question. “Can we not?” And Optimus Prime didn’t have an answer. Of course they had to win. The future of all Cybertronians depended on it. “When I was a clerk I never had to worry about lives,” Optimus Prime said. Alpha Trion chuckled.


“It was never going to be any other way, Optimus,” he said. “I knew you were destined—“ “To trade the caste system for Decepticon tyranny?” Optimus said. Again silence fell in Alpha Trion’s study. “It could be,” he said after some time, “that the war does not end here.” “I don’t follow your meaning, Archivist,” Optimus Prime said.

Where else would the war end? The Space Bridges were collapsed. It had been teracycles since any Cybertronian had traveled to the stars or contacted the lost colonies and outposts that speckled the cosmos. “I am thinking of the AllSpark,” Alpha Trion said. “It does not just give us life. It is the living record of all that has ever happened on Cybertron.

It is our past, present and future. I would rather see the planet destroyed utterly than have the AllSpark fall into Megatron’s hands.” “I will protect it,” Optimus Prime said.

NOT THE SPACE BRIDGES!! IN THE NAME OF IACON, WHO WILL HELP ME PROTECT THIS ALLSPARK FROM THE DECEPTICONS?? OUR ROBOT RECORDS COULD BE LOST IN THE CYBERWINDS FOR KILOCENTURIES!!! Oh man. I have to respect sci-fi authors for being 100 times more creative than I could ever be, but I can’t get three words into this without wanting to tear the fingertips off my leather gloves and shout “NERDS! NERDS NERDS! NERDS!” And I’m a BLOGGER.