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12/04/2019 0

20 Rarest Transformers Toys & Their Worth

By Administratus Prime

Read on as this article unveil the to 20 rarest Transformers figures along with the value, disclosed in detail for your reference in hunting these rarities. Transformers is one of...


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14/03/2019 0

Interview with Transformers + Ghostbusters Creative Team On Upcoming Comic

By Administratus Prime

In an unusual move for a comic book publisher, IDW has sent out a press release consisting entirely of an interview with Transformers/Ghostbusters crossover creative team Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening,...


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08/03/2019 0

Transformers Sighted in Sibu But…

By Administratus Prime

Malaysians as usual quick to judge even they know that Transformers don't exit. Here's what's strange happening lately in Sibu's dumpsite. Folks here were shocked when it was alleged that...


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20/03/2019 0

VIZ Media To Release Transformers: A Visual History

By Administratus Prime

VIZ Media has released a press release to announce their acquisition of the iconic Transformers brand to its multimedia entertainment catalog slated for fall 2019 (12th November as stated in...


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24/03/2019 0

How Foley Sounds in Bumblebee Movie Are Made

By Administratus Prime

Here's an interesting behind-the-scenes video of Bumblebee movie, the latest movie in the "Transformers" franchise, makes great use of sound. The video featuring the crew sitting down with the sound...


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29/06/2014 0

Amazon Offering Transformers AOE Grimlock & Optimus Gift Set Statue

By Administratus Prime

Amazon is smart enough to 'hijack' the current on going hype of Transformers Age of Extinction that was just being released to our cinemas by offering a Transformers: Age of Extinction...



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